A breakdown of Microfiber Bedding Vs Cotton Bedding for new buyers

Are you wondering if you should buy a Microfiber bedding or a cotton one? The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer as each has their pros and cons and it largely depends on your needs and maintenance requirements.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons for each:

Microfiber bedding.

Microfiber in general is a quite durable synthetic fabric that can offer a nice polished look and a good level of comfort at the same time.

Microfiber bedding pros:

  • It is highly durable and can last many years. The fabric is also less likely to be faded or ruined from multiple washes than other fabrics.
  • It usually retains its original shape both over your bed and after washing. Its fabric integrity makes it also less prone to form unsightly wrinkles and creases.
  • Microfiber bedding in general tends to be an inexpensive, value for money option that can fit any budget. Plain-colored microfiber bedding sets are usually quite inexpensive, even though the price will go up depending on the pattern of your set.

Microfiber bedding cons:

  • Due to its temperature absorbing abilities, microfiber bedding may feel overwhelming warm and uncomfortable during the hot summer season.
  • Some synthetic materials are more likely to pill after many washes, especially if the quality is cheap.
  • Microfiber also tends to absorb oils, dirt, and liquids more easily compared to other fabrics and you’ll most likely have to wash it at least once in a week to get rid of dirt and unsightly stains.
  • Microfiber bedding also tends to attract static electricity which may be a bit uncomfortable for some.
  • Those who have very sensitive and delicate skin may find microfiber bedding slightly irritating and uncomfortable to the touch. In extreme cases, getting in touch with a microfiber fabric can cause allergic reactions, although this is typically rare.

Cotton Bedding

Cotton bedding in general is a popular and comfortable bedding option, even though it also has its cons apart from pros. Here they are:

Cotton bedding pros:

  • Cotton is more moisture and heat resistant than other fabrics, as it wicks away moisture and heat so that it doesn’t penetrate the fabric. This may be especially useful during warm summer months.
  • Cotton bedding is generally more soft and comfortable compared to synthetic fabrics, and tends to get even softer over time and several washes, even without a fabric softener.
  • Stains and dirt are easier to remove in cotton bedding– a simple machine wash or even a hand wash with just a little amount of detergent is enough to remove most or all stains.
  • Cotton bedding layers also tend to pill less over time compared to synthetic fabrics, especially if the cotton variety is cheap and low-quality.

Cotton bedding cons:

  • Cotton bedding tends to fade and tear after several washes and the fabric tends to thin out. It may need extra care with detergents that are specially suited to delicate cotton fabrics to increase its durability.
  • Due to its tendency to thin and shrink, cotton is most likely to develop wrinkles. Many cotton sets require frequent ironing so that they look nice and polished.
  • Cotton and especially some deluxe cotton varieties like Egyptian cotton tend to be more expensive than synthetic fabrics.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for something durable that will last you for the years to come without creasing and wrinkling and without having to pay much, you should invest in a microfiber bedding. On the other hand, if you are looking for something soft, comfortable, and heat/moisture resistant, it’s best to go for a cotton bedding.